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Washington Engine and Hose Co# 4

Washington Engine and Hose Co# 4
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Working Fire 39 Irenhyl Ave
Friday, November 23, 2012 21:50
On Friday Nov 23rd 60 control dispatch and unknown type fire at 39 Irenhyl Ave responding units where Eng 64,61 58 Ladder 31 Rescue 40.2393 was first to arrive on the scene and reported a working garage fire and had a 1075 transmitted. Engine 64 was the first engine to arrive on the scene and pulled a 1 3/4 hand line and attack the fire. additional units arrived and the fire was knocked down quickly. Damage was contained to the basement and garage of the structure and there were no reported injuries. Another fine job by the Port Chester Fire Dept.

Annual Memorial Golf Outing
The Company held its Annual Memorial Golf Outing on Friday Sept 21st at the Arrow Wood Golf Course this year’s outing was in memory of past members Past Chief Vinny Rathgeb, Stan Sury, and James Nethercott. The course was in excellent shape and the weather this year was perfect the event stated at 1130 with registration and lunch followed by a 1pm shot gun start. All of the players got to enjoy a beautiful day of golf then returned to the fire house for dinner and prizes all and all everyone had a great time hats off to Brian Sury, Mike Comstock and the rest of the committee for another outstanding golf outing

Three Generations of Volunteer Firefighters

When George Oxer joined Washington Engine and Hose Co 4 back in 1946 he never dreamed that all three of his sons Robert, George Jr (Rusty), and William (Bill) would follow in his footsteps and in 2011his grandson joined their ranks making three generations of Oxer’s in the same fire company at the same time.

At age 93 George is Washington Parks senior member with 65 years of service and he is still active not as much with fire duty but with meetings and company functions. George’s son Bill is a Past Chief of the department and has 43 years of service; Robert and Rusty have 40 and 30 years of service respectively. Now grandson Tommy, who completed Fire Fighter I this past summer, has a lot to look up to and some big boots to fill if he wants to continue in the family tradition.

In today’s environment where people are all too often asking what can my village do for me we have a family dedicated to serving it. But here at Washington Engine & Hose this is the norm with families like the Nethercotts, Malones, Hays, Surys, Comstocks, Ayvazians and Galassos  all with multiple family members becoming members of the Park and serving their community proudly.

To George Oxer and his family congratulations and thank you for your service and to the members of Washington Engine and Hose Co 4 both past and present the Village of Port Chester and Rye Brook owe you and all the Port Chester Fire Department a debt of gratitude and a heart filled Thank You.

Historic West Point trip

The members and guest of Washington Park met at the firehouse on Saturday October 29th at 9am and boarded a bus to head up to West Point for the annual Brother Luv football trip. It was a clear cool day and everyone was ready to enjoy the tailgating and game. Once they arrived they began setting up the tents, tables and grill so Eddie and crew could start cooking. Before anyone knew it the temperature began to drop and it started to snow not bad at first but then it came down hard and the parking lot looked like a winter wonder land. By game time it was near blizzard conditions yet three brave men (Fong, Brian S, & Herbie) ventured out and took the shuttle bus to Michie Stadium, well almost to Michie Stadium they were let off at the bottom of the hill as the bus would not go up in fear of getting stuck. So the three climbed the hill and went through the security check after a brief stop at the beer garden the brave lads entered the stadium and found their seats determined to see at least the first quarter of this historic game as it had never snowed at Michie Stadium during an Army football game in October. As the first half was coming to an end the brothers attempted to return to the parking lot but found that the shuttle buses were no longer running and after getting no help from the MP’s they did what any good fireman would do they found the nearest firehouse and were invited in to get warm. After explaining their situation the Captain told one of the firemen to take the department pickup and drive the three back to the parking lot which he did, our hats off to the West Point Fire Department for helping our brothers out Thank You.

The ride home took longer than usual an hour alone just to get off the base but the brothers and their guest endured, it was a memorable trip one for the record books thanks to the committee for a job well did a good time was had by all  

Additional photos can be found under Photos,  West Point 2011 Album

At Michie Stadium
   At Michie Stadium
in the parking lot
   in the parking lot
E64 & 61 Train Together
Wednesday, April 27, 2011 
Approximately 20 members of  Washington Engine & Hose and Mellor Trained at an acquired structure this week. Members got to advance hose lines, preform searches, ventilate the roof and practices overhaul. The pump operators got a chance to draft and use a portable hydrant during the drill. all and all the training was a great success and both companies would like to thank Scott Steward and Tyler Steward for making this possible

Training E64 & L31
On Saturday 3/26/2011, Engine 64 and Ladder 31 got together at the West Harrison Training center to do some joint operations. The training conducted involved multiple search and rescue scenarios, dry and charged line advancing, roof operations, engine pumping, bail-out refresher, and the climb to heaven on Ladder 31. Training concluded with Lunch at Washington Park. Additional pump operator training will be conducted later in the month of April for those new operators who need to train on pumping to the ladder.

4 Alarm Fire
Tuesday, March 1, 2011
A 4 alarm fire rips through a building at 304 Midland ave although the fire was intense the department was able to save the adjacent Buildings. A job well done by all members

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