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Fire Patrol and Rescue Co# 1

Fire Patrol and Rescue Co# 1
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Weekly Drill
Wednesday, February 27, 2013 
On Tuesday February 26, 2013, for Fire Patrol & Rescue's weekly Tuesday night drill, our topic was Forcible Entry. We took a trip to our neighbors over at Purchase Fire Department and practiced forcible entry with their door simulator. We would like to thank Purchase for allowing the Rescue to conduct our weekly training at their firehouse. As well as Jason Kaye & Sam Bornstein for participating with us.

If any members would like to participate in our weekly Tuesday night drills, please contact one of the Rescue Officers.

Rescue 40 & Ladder 31

Company Dinner Dance
Tuesday, February 12, 2013
Reminder to all company members and guests, our annual dinner dance is scheduled for March 9th, 2013. It will be a great time, remember to RSVP with Billy Pazona if you've recieved an invitation.

Joint Company Drill

Monday, May 10, 2010 - Members of Fire Patrol and Rescue Co.1 and Harry Howard Hook and Ladder Co.1 spent the evening training at the Fire Training Center in Valhalla, NY.  During the first session, members practiced searching the MASK confidence course.  The MASK confidence course simulates specific situations where firefighters have been killed in the past.  A few examples are low hanging wires which can become entangled in your gear, crawling through a narrowed passage-way and low clearance areas all require you to shift your air pack around in order to pass.  The second session included everything in session one except firefighters had to keep moving around until they experienced complete loss of air.  Thank you to everybody who showed up and to Rescue Captain Joe Alimena and Ladder 1st Lieutenant Chris Kassas for planning the drill.

Written By Fire Patrol & Rescue Co.1

Volunteers Needed
Please contact Volunteers are always needed, Help out your community!!!

125th Anniversary Meeting
Thanks to Angelo Sposta Jr. 

Details to Follow

Mamaroneck Parade
  Left to Right- Anthony Duesenbury
      Jr, Johnathon Mazzellla, 2nd Lt. John
      Giordano, Mike Sarlo,1st Lt. Angelo Sposta
      Jr., Captain Joe Alimena, Brian Mcormick,
      Pete Gospodinov, Arthur Duesenbury
    Left to Right- Anthony Duesenbury
       Jr, Johnathon Mazzellla, 2nd Lt.
      John Giordano, Mike Sarlo,1st Lt.
      Angelo Sposta Jr., Captain Joe
      Alimena, Brian Mcormick, Pete
      Gospodinov, Arthur Duesenbury
Thanks to Angelo Sposta Jr.

Pictures from the past
Left to Right is Arthur Duesnbury, Heddy Virella, Angelo Sposta Jr., John Giordano, Alexis Sherry
   Left to Right is Arthur Duesnbury, Heddy
      Virella, Angelo Sposta Jr., John
      Giordano, Alexis Sherry
Thanks to Angelo Sposta Jr.

History of Rescue 40

What started out as the purchasing of new back room stools, turned into a months long renovation of the recreational room and the parlors. While the old recreational room was a beauty, it's function and usefulness was a thing of the past. Members got together and through endless hours, transformed the once dingy recreational area into a new useful space. New electric, drop ceiling and fixtures were a part of it. Members really worked sanding down the old paneling and re staining it. As this was going on, a new trophy cabinet was being built in the parlors. Both the kitchen and the parlors were freshly painted and the final touch was having all the wood floors sanded and stained. Pictures of Patrol's past, some of which had just been recently found, were hung in the parlors.The culmination of all the hard work came on June 30th when the Company sponsored an open house as well as the drawing for our raffle. Members and guests were invited and commented on the work that had been done. The newly renovated rec room was dedicated that evening to our departed brother Eugene Miller. A plaque denoting this was hung in the room. Also a new picture of Andy "Pop" Sposta was put in the kitchen which is dedicated to him for all his efforts on behalf of the Company. A good time was had by all and the room should be enjoyed for some time to come.

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